Revolutionizing Application Development

Apposix is on a mission to fundamentally change the way companies build digital applications. We are a strategic IT partner for businesses of all sizes on their digital journeys.

IT projects shouldn’t take months

Businesses today face a number of barriers that their digital progress: skill shortage, unclear objectives, integration issues, security and maintenance (to name a few). The result is projects take too long, cost too much, have too many stakeholders and high maintenance.

We’ve founded our company with a dedication to solving these issues. Our innovative technology, combined with agile processes and strong user focus enable you to run successful projects in half the time of traditional methods. The result is applications that are higher quality, delivered faster and require less maintenance.

We are on a journey to change the way companies run IT development projects. If you want to hear more, we’re always open for a chat.


Mikkel Rostock

Mikkel is Apposix’s CEO and full stack developer. He has more than 18 years  of experience as freelance consultant and developer. He was previously the CTO of a succesful SaaS business.

With an eye on everything that goes on, Mikkel is responsible for keeping the team aligned towards maximising value for our clients.

Kenneth Jeppesen

Kenneth is Apposix’s CTO and a full stack developer specialised in data architecture and solution design. He has extensive experience from the consulting industry.

For Kenneth, whatever the project, the goal is simple – to optimise and improve the applications to make it an exceptional experience for the end user.

Simen Stein

Simen is responsible for product and business development. He has experience from companies such as PA Consulting and Deloitte, mostly with product and project management.

He is responsible for client projects and turning client feedback into a world class product.

Carsten Fenger-Pedersen

Carsten is responsible for everything commercial at Apposix. He is a serial entrepreneur and has experience in different industries, including telecom, payments, cloud and infrastructure.

He is responsible for new client relationships and understanding each client’s unique challenges.

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